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First established in England in 1866, William Shaw And Co. is one of the world’s oldest established percussion companies. Shaw Sticks are manufactured from the finest grades of selected American hickory. They are matched to within very close tolerances, so not only are the two sticks in each pair matched, they are also the same weight as the pairs you bought last year & the pairs that you will buy next year. The range includes some Classic British models such as the ‘C’, ‘C+’, ‘Super Soul’ and ‘E’, together with more recent stick designs such as 5A and 5B.

‘Chops Sticks’ are made from US Hickory, these sticks have a sleek black or white finish and feature non-marking wood tips, all at a very affordable price!

Shaw have some notable endorsees, who all use a standard model stick from the Shaw range. This is a strong endorsement of the models and quality in the range available to all drummers from entry level to pro.


Shaw Portal Bass Drum Mic-Hole Re-enforcers are a cost-effective and easy to fit mic hole surround.

Produced in the UK from ABS Plastic and featuring the latest high-tech 3M adhesive and Perma-bond foam strips for reliable, stable performance.

Easily applied and fitted using enclosed an cutting templates and instructions, this is a quick an reliable way of adding a mic-hole to a kick drum.

Currently available in 5" Black, White, Chrome and Brass.


Shaw Drumline Drumheads.  Available in 14" and in 18"-28" Bass sizes.

Smooth, pure white, high gloss single ply drumheads suitable for kit or marching use, and ideal as a drum kit front display head.


Heavy duty, British made, quality drum mats from Shaw.

Features include non-slip rubber backing and over-stitched bound edges, resulting in a smooth mat that lies flat against the floor.  In Charcoal or Red.

Rolls up and fastens with a velcro strap, or with a 40mm heavy duty adjustable black strap, with curved buckle for a closer fit.  Available in 2m x 1.6m, 2m x 1.2m and 2m x 2.4m.  Also available is a smaller 'Multimat' (0.5m x 0.75m) for use with a stool or cajon.


Shaw Snare wires have bronze endplates for resonance and strength. Suitable for tape or string mounting (tapes included). Has a raised string guide to ensure that the plate sits flat and the end of the plate is also reinforced where the tape is tensioned for added strength without compromising plate thickness.  Available in sizes 10″ – 14″ 20 strand, and 14″ 42 strand.
Chrome ended wires now also available.


Shaw RimWrap - specially formed rubber covering for the metal hoop rim of a drum. Easily removed and re-used with numerous uses: Prevents damage to bass drums from rack mounted toms; Prevents rubbing of the top of the bass drum if the tom is set low (Rim Rash); prevents stick damage and eliminates hoop noise; isolates the rim from the playing head with a triggered kit. 8"-18".


Shaw also produces Grey Rubber 8" Practice Pads and ‘Volume Control Discs’ for practice.

These 'VCDs' are rubber pads that simply drop on to your kit to keep the same feel but reduce the volume to practice level. They have a unique bass drum pad and also cymbal and hi-hat mutes. A very simple and cost effective way to practice quietly!  Available in Rock, Fusion and American Fusion sizes.  Individual pads are also available for larger kits or non-traditional setups.


Shaw's black fingerless or full fingered drum gloves are made from soft goatskin leather with a breathable, stretchable fabric reverse (40% polyester 60% cotton)

With a Suggested Retail Price starting at £10.99 they are a great bargain purchase.

Available in sizes S, M, L and XL


The Shaw range also includes retractable Rod 'push style' wire brushes, Small and Large Timpani Beaters and birch Rod Sticks - standard 19 Dowel or heavy 12 dowel Rock Rod Sticks.

Also available are 'MadHatter' Hi Hat Jinglers.  Made in the USA, four pairs of 'jingles' are each separated by a metal disc, which increases the volume and resonance.  It fits easily on the push rod of a HiHat to add an extra 'sparkle' to the sound.  It can be played with foot pedal or with sticks.

Shaw also produces tension bolts and washers along with other drum spares. The Shaw range is ever expanding - keep checking back for news on the latest additions!

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